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Due to a defective stabilized power supply, my "blackbox" hrpt-receiver/decoder went down.

This blackbox was built from scratch around 2012 and contain one s.b.c. (single board computer) with a the ISA-slot hrpt-decoder.
Modern p.c.`s went equipped with much faster bus-systems like pci and others, therefore the ISA-bus went obsolete (except in de industry!), but I don’t wanted to give up my ISA-HRPT card so easily…  
This ISA-card I have build in 1998, during the years I did some modifications, instead of only HRPT, the card can receive/decode C-HRPT signals ( thanks for the tip John ZL1PG),  beside the input on 10.7mhz, I made also an input on ttl-level and output on ttl-level, which is very handy if you want to decode signals from other receivers or decoder/generators.
This blackbox system have NO moving parts, the software is running ONLY under DOS ( with network capabilities) , it is not possible run the software under Windows ( e.g. 3.1.1) because it needs constant access with the hardware and hate win-interrupts.
Beside locale storing of the decoded data, I mainly connect the blackbox with my Win-xp or Win7( with virtual machine) systems, and decode the signals while all data is stored on the big hard drive of the connected machine.
Investigate the damage on the board, most IC`s went defective, costs about €,-20, also most went available in smd instead of dil. However replace the power supply and IC`s did not solve my problem, the eprom on the card did not start-up, tested this eprom in my programmer gives me all kinds of errors, a view under the microscope give my 100% confirmation that this part has died.

Not visible for the naked eye, but you can see clearly the overloaded wire....

 The type of eprom is printed on the length of the text = 0.4mm, 1 sign is about 0.04mm…
The new power supply is equipped with a protection circuit, if the voltage went higher than 5.2 and 12.4 volts, the protection circuit disconnect all power to the card, until a manually reset button could be pressed after investigation.

Be continued...testing the card.

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